Yoga in Ithaca Offers Something for Everyone

Yoga in Ithaca Offers Something for Everyone to Improve the Body and the Mind

Yoga in Ithaca can teach you how to get maximum health benefits from a specialized exercise program. It is exercise which strengthens and relaxes the body at the same time and there are few other styles of exercise which can make the same claim. By reducing stress in the body while promoting muscle flexibility and toning, you can enjoy benefits that carry over into your everyday activities.

Discipline Recognizing the Flow of Life

Yoga is an ancient practice that began thousands of years ago as a way to reach the deepest self. It is based on principles of discipline and originated as a way to bypass religious ritual and seek the absolute in the world through control of the mind and body.

The Westernized adaptation of the original forms of yoga use the same ancient principles today to the benefit of modern men and women living hectic lives which stress the body. The effects of stress on the body are well documented and range from increased chances of developing disease to interrupted sleeping patterns which wear the body down.

When they body is stressed, the muscles become tense and makes it much more difficult to maintain flexibility and range of motion. Yoga in Ithaca takes the essential principles of ancient yoga practices and creates a program which directly addresses stress and the damage it causes. Yoga is an exercise program which recognizes the importance of maintaining the flow of life and energy through the body for good health.

Teaching the Body to Obey

Yoga uses a series of physical poses known as asanas. They require posing the body in particular ways while using proper breathing techniques. The purpose of yoga in Ithaca is to teach the body how to move in ways that promote a variety of health benefits.

  • Reduced stress through deep breathing
  • Increased general flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and toning
  • Reduced occurrences of stress related health problems
  • Increased mental peacefulness

With yoga in Ithaca, you learn how to strengthen your body so it is less likely to experience injury due to inflexibility as you live your life. Yoga exercises can be completed as a sole program or incorporated into other exercise programs using varying styles.

A Stylish Fit

Yoga in Ithaca offers a variety of yoga exercises to fit people of different ages and physical conditions. The program combines a variety of yoga styles in order to meet the needs of people of all experience levels also. Following are just a few of the various styles included in different classes.

  • Basic ananda yoga exercises which improve flexibility and muscle tone using simple moves
  • Astanga yoga which involves advanced physically demanding yoga exercises to build strength and stamina
  • Integral yoga using simple exercises while learning how to include meditation for relaxation
  • Kripalu yoga which concentrates on body alignment
  • Kundalini yoga using breathing and flexibility exercises
  • Sivananda yoga exercises which concentrates on classic poses

As you can see, yoga in Ithaca offers something for everyone to improve the body and the mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced at yoga exercises, the variety of exercises provided coves the full range of performance levels.


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