What Is Your Favorite Exercise?

I was talking with a training client today and we got into an interesting conversation about his favorite exercise.  It was kind of neat learning about his preferences, likes and dislikes.  So I wanted to open this up a bit and ask you… what’s your favorite exercise and why?


  1. Mostly, I enjoy walking because I notice things that I miss while driving. It’s easy, can be done anywhere and anytime. Also, one can change the scenery, which is not the case when using exercise machines. By end of Ithaca’s winter I’m ready to add 2-3 mile walks to my cardio class and weights!

  2. Mostly, I like anything that gets me outside. In the warmer months I get out for an early morning jog. (Before I got my treadmill, I’d be out from Feb ’til Oct. Now it’s early May ’til it gets below 40 again. Never realized how much I don’t like the cold!) Then there’s the yard work. Even my eight hours of confinement (office job) allows me many opportunities for exercise: I call the flight between my office and the downstairs offices my “office treadmill” and it gets a good workout each day, especially if the boss is IN.

  3. Everyone dream of a toned belly and wants to shed some extra fat from there. If you’re also one of them? Then try plank. Plank isn’t just an Exercise it’s a yoga pose too. An efficient yoga pose which is not only vital for core-conditioning, but it will also work for your hamstrings, improves balance & proper posture of your body.

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