Ithaca Yoga Offers the Ideal Environment for Anyone

Ithaca Yoga Offers the Ideal Environment for Anyone Seeking an Enjoyable and Effective Exercise Program

Ithaca yoga offers the ideal environment and variety of classes for anyone seeking an enjoyable and effective exercise program. When you decide to incorporate yoga exercises into your fitness program, it is important to choose a program and instructor that meets your needs. You want to know your exercise experience will meet your expectations so you enjoy the full benefits of yoga.

Seeking the Personal Experience

Yoga is not a sport or a random exercise event. Yoga is a discipline and like all disciplines requires education and practice. When you are choosing your yoga center and instructor, it’s crucial to choose wisely. To achieve the kind of harmony and discipline which are the goals of a yoga program, there are certain characteristics which should exist as a minimum.

  • Patient instructor willing to answer all questions
  • Supportive atmosphere
  • Certified instruction
  • Flexible hours which accommodate a variety of schedules
  • Variety of classes at different skill levels
  • Clean and well maintained environment

Yoga is much more than exercise, because it is a system which focuses on the total being. That’s why Ithaca yoga offers a holistic setting with certified instruction to teach an ancient program which develops the body and the mind. The time you spend during a yoga class is a very personal experience deserving of the very best setting and instruction possible.

Awakening the Body and Mind

Let’s fact it – awakening the body and mind to their full potential is much easier when the yoga classes are held in an enticing atmosphere. Ithaca yoga creates an atmosphere that is calm and inspiring so you can focus on yourself and not on your surroundings. One of the most important goals of yoga is teaching a participant to realize their potential through body and mind balance.

Choosing the right yoga health club is important, but so is knowing the instructor is qualified. As you progress through the yoga exercises, quality instructor guidance is crucial. There are certain characteristics to look for in an instructor.

  • Instructor is certified in yoga instruction
  • Instructor can teach the yoga style which best fits your needs
  • Instructor is patient and willing to answer questions
  • Instructor offers individualized assistance as necessary
  • Instructor never asks class participant to do any pose which might cause muscle or joint injury
  • Instructor is able to convey instructions in an understandable manner
  • Instructor can develop progressive and challenging program

Our Ithaca yoga experts offer qualified and experienced instruction to insure the yoga experience is as enjoyable as possible while leading to results.

Yoga continues to grow in popularity for good reason. As you will discover Ithaca yoga classes are the perfect remedy for modern day ailments of stress, lack of body flexibility, and lack of energy.


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