Personal Yoga Sessions

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy’s benefits are equivalent to six yoga classes but without the poses.  Private yoga sessions are ideal for the beginner or those with special needs.

Yoga Therapy (Embodyment®)

Awaken your body’s ability to heal itself!

Embodyment® (a type of Yoga Therapy) is a powerful, one-on-one, hands-on-healing technique based on the principles of Svaroopa® yoga.  The effects of a one-hour session are equivalent to the effects received from 9-10 hours of Svaroopa® yoga.  It brings a deep relaxation to the spinal muscles, thereby positively affecting the entire body and mind.  Some of its benefits include pain relief, healing, improved quality of life, deep relaxation, stress relief, mental clarity, and restful sleep.  It is gentle, safe, and enjoyable.  Embodyment® therapy is available with any of the Svaroopa® yoga instructors.

What to Expect: Most people find an Embodyment® extremely relaxing as well as helpful in releasing bodily tensions that can lead to back aches, headaches, etc.  A person receiving Embodyment® therapy remains clothed, lying in a relaxing posture.  The Yoga Therapist will place her hands on the tightest parts of the body which are near the lower spine.  No energy channeling is involved.  It’s a matter of bringing deep awareness to long-held ares of tightness in the body.  Most people report significant gains from Embodyment® therapy.

Private Yoga Session

Get the more out of your yoga practice!

Private yoga sessions are great for people with a variety of needs.  Working with a yoga instructor one-on-one can help jump start your yoga practice if you are a beginner, or help you develop a home practice.  These sessions allows personal attention for those who need modifications, greater clarity, or have special needs.  Private yoga sessions are available with any of our yoga instructors.