Ithaca Yoga Offers the Ideal Environment for Anyone

Ithaca Yoga Offers the Ideal Environment for Anyone Seeking an Enjoyable and Effective Exercise Program Ithaca yoga offers the ideal environment and variety of classes for anyone seeking an enjoyable and effective exercise program. When you decide to incorporate yoga exercises into your fitness program, it is important to choose a program and instructor that meets your needs. You want to know … [Read more...]

Ithaca Yoga Accommodates a Variety of Flexibility Levels

Ithaca Yoga Accommodates a Variety of Flexibility Levels Ithaca Yoga offers a range of classes which accommodates a variety of flexibility levels. Yoga is a whole being program which focuses on reuniting the self, called jiva, and the mind. Yoga can relieve stress while strengthening the body using a number of poses which develop control. Flowing Movement If you believe yoga is only for … [Read more...]

Yoga in Ithaca Provides a Transformational Opportunity

Yoga in Ithaca Provides a Transformational Opportunity to Anyone Seeking Physical and Mental Development Yoga in Ithaca can show you the many myths about this type of exercise program are just that – myths! The truth about yoga is that it’s an effective exercise program that blends both body and mental exercises in order to promote a harmonized life. Yoga is the best all-around program for … [Read more...]

Yoga in Ithaca Offers Something for Everyone

Yoga in Ithaca Offers Something for Everyone to Improve the Body and the Mind Yoga in Ithaca can teach you how to get maximum health benefits from a specialized exercise program. It is exercise which strengthens and relaxes the body at the same time and there are few other styles of exercise which can make the same claim. By reducing stress in the body while promoting muscle flexibility and … [Read more...]

Think Before You Eat for Ithaca Weight Loss

If you learn to think before you eat, you will achieve Ithaca weight loss by making the right choices.  When you eat foods simply because you like them without regard for their nutritional content, it is easy to choose foods that are not good for your body.  Losing weight doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience when you learn how to choose healthy and tasty foods with high nutritional … [Read more...]

Keeping Off the Pounds You Lost with Ithaca Weight Loss

Everyone who cares about Ithaca weight loss has heard of yo-yo dieting where you lose weight and then slowly (or quickly) put the weight back on and then lose it again and so on.  It is unhealthy to treat your body in that fashion, and it puts a lot of stress on your organs and cardiovascular system.  In fact, you can do permanent damage to your body’s ability to maintain equilibrium. Maintaining … [Read more...]

Managing Fitness And Diet: Good Calories Vs. Empty Calories In The Battle For Weight Loss In Ithaca

When trying to achieve weight loss in Ithaca, gaining a balanced diet can be confusing.  There is a lot to include and there are real moderated needs for protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and even calories.  As most people know, quantity of calories is a major concern; but then, calorie quality is important, too. Good Calories, Bad Calories All calories are not created equal; not all … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Making Ithaca Fitness a Priority

Committing to a Ithaca fitness program is really hard.  It's tough to stay motivated when you are the only one saying you have to do it.  It's hard to see the fruit of your labors when some of them are only measurable with a doctor's complex testing and instrumentation. It's exceedingly easy to be consumed by the pressing responsibilities of life and it's really easy to tell yourself that one more … [Read more...]

Ithaca Fitness Tips For Beginners

Starting on the path to better Ithaca fitness can be a difficult road in the beginning, but those that make the commitment to stick it out will be rewarded not only with better health, but feeling better as well. There are plenty of pitfalls for those that are starting a Ithaca fitness routine, but being aware of them and working through them don’t have to be a struggle. In this article, we’ll … [Read more...]

Why Strength Training is Beneficial to Ithaca Fitness

A Ithaca Fitness Expert Reports! There’s a common misconception that muscle is heavier than fat, so why bother with strength training? The truth of the matter is a pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat. Muscle just happens to be leaner than fat and looks a whole lot better on the body. This isn’t the only reason to incorporate strength training into your Ithaca fitness … [Read more...]